Rambles into Sacred Realms

Rambles into Sacred Realms

ISBN: 978-1-941830-92-5 (softcover)
ISBN: 978-1-941830-13-0 (hardcover Collector edition)
LCCN: 2014956008
Release Date: April 6, 2015
238 pages; 113 illustrations

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“An enchanting experience—the text comes alive with color and detail, and as you turn the pages of this book you have the feeling you are not only getting to know each magical place, you are getting to know a fascinating and multi-talented man too. Krish V. Krishnan has done something beautiful —finding treasures through his experience and passing them on in word and image.” ~ Philip Carr-Gomm, author of Sacred Places: Sites of Spiritual Pilgrimage from Stonehenge to Santiago de Compostela

“There have been many hundreds of books written on sacred sites, but most of them, while valuable, are nothing more than anthropological guides. Rambles into Sacred Realms does something quite rare—and much needed—by bringing us both the passionate feelings of a bona fide pilgrim and absolutely lovely paintings of the holy places. Truly a magical achievement and a gift to us all.” ~ Martin Gray, National Geographic photographer and creator of SacredSites.com

“In Rambles into Sacred Realms: Journeys in Pen & Paint, author Krish V. Krishnan poses the question, “Why does divinity matter?” For 30 years, Krish traveled the globe finding answers to this question. He takes the viewer on his journey to 12 sacred places, among them Varanasi, India, a holiest of holy cities by the Ganges River, where funeral pyres consume the dead as sacred chants fill the air; Stonehenge, United Kingdom, with its gigantic boulders impossibly imported and arranged for some still unknown sacred purpose; Sukhothai, Thailand, teeming with ruins of temples, monuments and shrines, guarded by a band of Buddhas as far as the eye can see, and; the spectacular Royal Tombs of Petra, Jordan—carved into red rock with amazing accuracy in the middle of a harsh desert environment. Krishnan’s awe is captured in the passion of his words, and beautiful drawings and paintings. He has a great talent for rendering texture, detail, mood, and light and shadow. Even the inanimate takes on a certain life under his pen and brush. “Divinity,” is important he concludes, because it “uplifts us, binds us together, and can waken us to the indescribable beauty of the planet.” This book is a testament to that truth.” ~ Charla Puryear, Artist and professor of drawing and painting at Columbia College Hollywood

“It isn’t enough to read about sacred sites, you have to see them. And it isn’t enough to see sacred sites, you have to understand them. And it isn’t enough to understand sacred sites, you have to feel them. Rambles into Sacred Realms does all four. The artist/author Krish V. Krishnan takes you with him on a pilgrimage at once unique and universal. This is a book in which to steep your soul.” ~ Rabbi Rami Shapiro, author of The Angelic Way: Angels through the Ages and Their Meaning for Us

“A beautiful, poignant, and soul-nourishing collection of quiet essays and skillfully rendered sketches, Rambles into Sacred Realms is a kind of sacred holiday for the inquiring spirit.” ~ Phyllis Tickle, compiler, The Divine Hours

“Rambles Into Sacred Realms brings together Krish V. Krishnan’s eloquent prose with his exquisite paintings in a unique and unparalleled way. Through this stunning book, Krish invites us to take a spiritual journey to the world’s most iconic and inspiring sacred sites. Through this creative pilgrimage of pen, paint, and paper, we not only learn about what it means to be divine, but also what it means to be human.” ~ Varun Soni, Ph.D, Dean of Religious Life, University of Southern California

“What I love most about this elegant, unique book is the gentle beauty of its drawings, paintings, and writings. How special to be introduced to some of the most powerful sacred places on earth through the artistry, insights, and memorable experiences of Krish V. Krishnan. His adventuresome spirit, historical knowledge, and keen perceptions make him the perfect tour companion, as he leads the reader, through his images and words, to a sense of the divine.” ~ Rivvy Neshama, author of Recipes for a Sacred Life: True Stories and a Few Miracles

“Krish V. Krishnan infuses Rambles into Sacred Realms with his passion for exploration and an invitation for personal contemplation of these sacred sites. Through his artwork and words Krish offers a sense of space and wonder that are second only to actually traveling to these locales.” ~ Leslie Butterfieldteacher, coach and blogger at Mindfulness Online

“Open Rambles Into Sacred Realms whenever you need to connect with marrying human curiosity and attention with nature’s beauty and mystery.” ~ Sharon Salzberg author of Lovingkindness and Real Happiness

“What an odyssey!  Krish V. Krishnan is an authentic global citizen, making every place his home — the more remote and steeped in culture and history the better.  Nimble story-telling, illustrated with elegant drawings and paintings, this book welcomes us into the heart of the world.” ~ Mirabai Starr, author of God of Love: A Guide to the Heart of Judaism, Christianity & Islam